Mike Walter is available to run an MC Workshop with you and your staff. Your MCs and DJs will perform and then Mike will offer constructive criticism to improve their skills.  Mike has trained MCs and DJs for over three decades now and his experience and communication skills are invaluable to improving everyone’s performances.

MC Workshops are typically 3 hours long.  You’ll need a ballroom type space with a DJ system so everyone can be on mic.  Many companies then plan a dinner afterwards where the exchange of nuggets and information continue.  

This can be an awesome opportunity for your staff to bond and improve.

Investment: $1,000 + travel expenses and hotel for one or two nights (depending on logistics)

Read what others have to say about about their consulting experience with Mike Walter:

“As an owner of a multi op, maintaining quality is my highest priority.  Hiring Michael to perform his MC workshop for my staff has paid off ten fold. Our team was motivated, learned from Michael and each other and enjoyed themselves. The investment is essential, the results were immediate and it even boosted morale.  My staff spent an entire day training and they all asked ‘When are we doing this again?'”

Joshua Lask  – LB Entertainment

““Hiring Mike Walter for his MC workshop was one of the best decisions I made for my team and I along with our clients. Mike teaches you with real life examples how to MC the various segment of a wedding along with providing other creative MC ideas for other events. His friendly and professional approach to providing feedback made it easy to implement his teachings. Mike makes learning how to MC and Host fun, easy and exciting! His classy, engaging and modern approach will transform anyone to an expert MC in a matter of no time”

Romin Zandi 

“I have hired other business consultants over the years but they did not get my repeat business as I felt like I didn’t receive the value that I should have. They were strictly consultants and not people in the ditches working the program themselves. That’s the big difference here as Mike not only consults with us but he still DJs himself, trains his staff himself, and does all of the other things that he teaches us to do. So it’s not just a theory with him, it’s actual things that he is currently doing that are successful in his own business that he is willing to share with us. That is very rare as people usually don’t give away their trade secrets that easily. Mike just has a passion for teaching others and so if you want to be successful in our industry let Mike work with your staff and see what it can do for you.

Mike has helped us in a number of areas which are not limited to but include the following. He helped us train our staff which has drastically raised the level of their performances. He showed us how to improve our relations with different venues and vendors in our area. He taught us how to close more events by setting up a system to actually “show” our prospects what we are all about. He even helped us improve our profit margins by consulting with us on the office end and helping us tweak small things to make a big gain. The investment that I make with hiring Mike to consult with us far outweighs trying to learn it all on my own and failing many times in the process. I would refer Mike to anyone that really wants to improve their company. We never can stop learning and Mike is a great teacher to have.

Brian Hines
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If you are trying to springboard your business results, hiring Mike Walter is the smartest move you could make.

Thanks to Mike’s coaching, SKM Entertainment increased bookings, improved our Open House / Showcases, established monthly staff meetings, focused on the high-leveraged items, and generally elevated our game. During the course of Mike’s coaching, we were recognized as the Best of the Best by the four leading publications in our area, and we are grateful to Mike for his part in that. Mike is insightful, generous, and practices what he preaches, although he doesn’t really preach so much as teach.

I highly endorse Mike as a brilliant business owner and mentor.

Miles Gilbert
SKM Entertainment

I consider Mike Walter one of the best and brightest DJ company owners in the country! As a multi-op owner myself, I even hired Mike a few years ago to help with my growing company. He delivered! I consider him a friend and a mentor.

Joe Bunn
Joe Bunn Entertainment