If you’ve ever thought about shadowing or scouting another DJ you know the advantages: you’ll get to see a different performance and pick up nuggets and ideas of how to make your own show better. The downside? You can’t interrupt the DJ you’re watching and ask them questions during the event.

That’s where A Wedding With Mike Walter has the advantage over just coming to see me DJ a wedding. You’re getting all four hours of footage from an actual wedding I DJed. But you’re also getting commentary. I explain my reasoning behind every song I play, why I prompted the crowd at certain moments and even why I’m standing where I am on the dance floor. I also provide the complete play list for every segment of the wedding. This video is chock-full of nuggets for everyone from the most experienced DJ and MC to the newest.

You’ll receive all the footage on a flash drive so you can watch on your computer or laptop or any TV that plays video directly from a drive. Stop, pause, replay whenever you want. Binge watch all at once or pace yourself and take a different segment at a time.

This project has already received some great reviews. Wyatt Hill says, “Mike Walter does it again producing great real content with his tips and trade secrets of taking a wedding to the next level!!” And Jim Collins raves, ““I became a fly on the wall at one of Mike’s weddings. I am already incorporating many techniques that Michael brilliantly demonstrates in this 4 hour uncut reception and applying them to my DJ business.”

Click Here for a video of me explaining A Wedding With Mike Walter

A Wedding With Mike Walter. Guaranteed to educate and entertain!

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