Mike Walter is an industry leader, conference speaker, trainer, DJ, and owner of one of the largest multi-op DJ businesses in the world. His proven training and performance secrets are now available to DJs everywhere.

Whether you’re just getting started as a single op, or you want to increase your revenue through better performance, training, or growing a large multi-op, Mike’s Books and DVDs are for you.

Keys To A Great DJ & MC Performance

Mike Walter has trained DJs and MCs for over 25 years and now he is offering some of his best advice to the industry in this 90 minute DVD. 

“All of the nuggets are delivered with enough real world experience and wit to keep the ready engaged.”
Marcello Pedalino
MMP Entertainment

Running Your Multi-Op

In Running Your Multi-Op, Mike takes the reader step-by-step through the process of finding talent, training DJs to duplicate your specific style and maintaining your staff of great DJs.

"Mike’s book is GREAT and packed full of tips, insights, tricks and information that will help you improve your business regardless if you are a single or multi-system company."
Mitch Taylor
Taylor'd Weddings

A Wedding With Mike Walter

If you’ve ever thought about shadowing or scouting another DJ you know the advantages: you’ll get to see a different performance and pick up nuggets and ideas of how to make your own show better. The downside? You can’t interrupt the DJ you’re watching and ask them questions during the event.

"I consider Mike Walter one of the best and brightest DJ company owners in the country! As a multi-op owner myself, I even hired Mike a few years ago to help with my growing company."
Joe Bunn
Bunn DJ Company

PhDJ Workshop

Mike Walter and Joe Bunn have combined forces to create the most comprehensive DJ program ever! Earn your DJ Doctorate in this intensive two day workshop.

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